Ze Ri Feng Shui Date Selection For Auspicious Dates
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Auspicious Date Selection with Ze Ri


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Ze Ri Date Selection remains a pivotal field in Chinese Metaphysics, it is an important Feng Shui complementary service used to select any kind of founding event.

These favourable dates are used for starting a business, launching a new product, new project, the start of a new job, signing a contract, marriage proposals, getting married, travelling, move home, start a renovation, a medical operation and many other important events.


Benefits of the Ze Ri Date Selection

The Ze Ri method allow choosing a favourable day for minimizing delays, loss of money and all kind of setbacks. Choosing a favourable date will help you have all good energies with you when you start a major project in your life.

Ze Ri Date Selection in a Feng Shui Audit

Ze Ri Date Selection is also used at the end of a Feng Shui analysis to choose the right date to put remedies in the property in order to increase the benefits of it and this service is always included in our Feng Shui Audits.

Requested information for a Ze Ri Favourable Date for your event

There are different levels of auspicious or inauspicious days. Some are valid for everybody in a general way, some for a precise person, some for two people together and others for a group of people.

Personal Date Selection

Date Selection for starting a business, signing a contract organize a big party, moving home, moving to a new commercial premises, etc...

   •  Your accurate birth date

   •  Your exact hour of birth to the minute

   •  Your birth place

Date Selection for two or more people involved

The same information is requested for each person directly implicated in the event.



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