San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua 64 Hexagrams
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Xuan Kong Da Gua Mysterious Void of 64 hexagrams of I Ching


Feng Shui Expert Consultant for Xuan Kong Da Gua analysis based on the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and part of the San Yuan Xuan Kong school.

The Xuan Kong School has two main branches, the Xuan Kong Fei Xing translated as the mysterious void of the flying stars and the Xuan Kong Da Gua translated as the mysterious void of the big hexagram. This Feng Shui Da Gua method gives information about links between the three plans in order to note and anticipate actions.


The San Yuan Xuan Kong School

In old times, Feng Shui Masters were using two different systems which are San Yuan and San He. Each of them using their own Chinese compass: San He Luo Pan and San Yuan Luo Pan. More recently, these both traditional Schools have been recognized by the Chinese Feng Shui Masters as being both very useful and in which the methods complete each other in many cases in order to give more precision at the time of doing a Feng Shui audit. A third Luo Pan called Zhong He Luo Pan has been created for the use of Feng Shui Masters having knowledge of both traditionnal schools.

The Xuan Kong Da Gua, method of the mysterious emptiness of the 64 Hexagrams

The Feng Shui Da Gua method gives very precise information on the kind of links between the three plans being Heaven, Earth and Human comparing to the plan of your house or place of work as well as your birthdate and the ones of the people involved in the Xuan Kong Da Gua Analysis.

In Xuan Kong Da Gua, sectors are divided into 64 mountains of 5,625° from the San Yuan Luo Pan or Zhong He Luo Pan, both Chinese compasses used according to the Xuan Kong School. These 64 Hexagrams are in fact the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and the formulas that compose them are based on the trigrams of the He Tu. These formulas explain the connections, the links interacting between the Qi of the Heaven, the Qi of the Earth and the Qi of the Human giving us information between people, the building and the time. Only Feng Shui Experts specialized in traditional have access to these method as it cannot be learned individually, separated from the Ba Zhai Fa and the Xuan Kong Fei Xing.

Benefits of a Xuan Kong Da Gua analysis added to a Feng Shui Consultation

The Xuan Kong Da Gua 64 Hexagrams method is made to note and to anticipate in order to benefit from opportunities offered by all kind of links found through the Da Gua including:

   Eventual links between you and your home or working place.

   Eventual links between you and the other people living in your house or working with you.

   Eventual links between you and the current year confirming you it is a good time to do big changes in your life or if it is better to avoid them.

   Which are the Universal Links when the "Temporal windows" are open, when the Qi is the most favourable to start something new lasting in time.

   With the Ba Zhai Fa method you le carn which are your best 4 directions between each 45°, here you discover which are your best directions as close as 5°.

   If you have troubles with one of your family members or business team and you have already tried everything (including the Feng Shui Audit) to solve the discord, the Xuan Kong Da Gua method tells you if there is a possibility to connect both of you and which remedies to use.

   The Da Gua 64 Hexagrams method tells you how you react to the favourable and harmful influences of the result of the Xuan Kong Fei Xing Flying Stars analysis of the property as some people as some people are very much affected and others not.


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