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Terms & Conditions for Tradi Feng Shui services

Terms of confidentiality for the client

Confidential quote requests

Feng Shui is most of the time used as a secret weapon to improve business so most people contacting us do not wish anybody else knowing that they have requested us a quote even if they do not go-ahead with the Feng Shui audit.

Tradi Feng Shui fully understand this and so respects and agrees to keep secret all requests that have been requested as "secret" through our quote request unless once you go-head with a Feng Shui audit you agree with us that we can use your name as an example for other clients. All your contact details will always be kept in our files and not be divulged to anybody.

Feng Shui audits

Whereas the nature of services provided in our Traditional Feng Shui Audits involves an exchange of information between the client and the expert, the expert agrees to keep confidential the information provided by the client or collected by the expert in connection with the performance of this audit as well as all the photos of the work and all the resulting data.

Confidential information may include personal information about employees or customers as well as personal information, industrial, financial, commercial, scientific or technical information that belongs to the client and other inhabitants of the place.

Access to such information must be limited to people who need to know them in order to make expert audit report.

Copyrights of the web page

All parts of this web page, images and texts are copyrights of Tradi Feng Shui and so cannot be copied, summarized or exploited in any form.




  • Feng Shui Consultations
  • Ba Zi Energetic Balance
  • Date Selection
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua
  • Annual Assessment

Traditional Feng Shui Consultations and Audits

You have a problem that cannot get solved between health, wealth, relationships, education and life direction? With Feng Shui, we can find your problem source and help you make it better and often, solve it completely.

On-site and online Feng Shui Consultations

Ba Zi Energetic Balance

With the four pillars of destiny, discover which are your strengths and weaknesses so that to know how you can improve your life through the Chinese metaphysics.

Ba Zi Four Pillars Energetic Balance

Auspicious Date Selection

To start something important, new, having a duration in time like a wedding, the opening of a new business, moving home, put a property for sale, launch a new product, etc...

Auspicious Date Selection

Consultation in Xuan Kong Da Gua - 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching

Among others, activating a specific formula bringing you Prosperity and Wealth, or, Prosperity and Harmony in your family or business relationships.

XKDG 64 Hexagrams

Feng Shui Annual Assessment

Every year, the environmental energies change and it is essential in Traditional Feng Shui to update your audit and adapt to the new yearly Qi influences.

Feng Shui Annual Assessment