Energetic Balance based on the Chinese Ba Zi method of the four pillars of birth
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Ba Zi Energetic Balance based on the four pillars of birth


The Chinese Ba Zi method known in English as "the method of four pillars of destiny" is in fact translated textually from Chinese by 8 Characters or 8 words and is based on the solar calendar, the 5 transformations of elements and the Yin and Yang aspects of each of them.

The moment a person is born determines its energy matrix, such as a snapshot taken at the initial moment of life that will determine his personality, talents, weaknesses, strengths, interactions between his relationships and the influence of life cycles on him.


The benefits of a Ba Zi Four Pillars energetic bilan

All year round, the natural energies of the 5 elements of the nature Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water get transformed as well as their Yin and Yang aspects of polarities. Thus, the snap shot of your birth at a certain time and at a certain place gives information about yourself, your life and your relationships.

By using the Ba Zi Four Pillars of Destiny system, you will understand yourself better as well as the relationships you have with other people, you will appreciate better the nature of any problems that you will be facing. Ba Zi 4 Pillars of Destiny Chinese Horoscope is a very useful reference in decision making on basis of better understanding of appropriate timing in taking risks or choosing new directions in your life. This form of Chinese astrology is one of the most accurate able to determinate the favorable and unfavorable elements of anyone’s energy in space and time.

How works the Ba Zi 4 Pillars Energetic Bilan

The upper element on the day of birth represents the Day Master the person himself (in this example, it is Ding, Yin Fire) and the 7 other elements symbolize his interactions with the environment and his relationships.

Based on these 4 pillars and using specific formulas, you while get the Conception Pillar and the Life Pillar giving more information about the same person. Then, from other complex formulas, you get two other very important pillars called Luck Pillars which are: Da Yun for the 10 years big cycle and Liu Nian for the yearly cycle influencing a person's life. In ancient Chinese cosmology, the Universe is composed of five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and the Chinese people believe that these elements are the basic components of all matters in the Universe, including our life and our destiny.

Using Ba Zi in a Feng Shui Audit

The BA Zi Four Pillars, is also always used in an Feng Shui Audit as it is necessary for the expert in Feng Shui to find out how your energetic balance is, in order to find out which element you need the most and which one you should avoid to apply remedees correctly.

Info requested for a Ba Zi energetic bilan

To get a service for destiny analysis, all you need to do is provide me with the following information:

   •  Your accurate birth date

   •  Your exact hour of birth to the minute

   •  Your place of birth

   •  Any special question you wish to ask


This service can be provided for yourself or anybody else you know as long as you have the precise information requested.

I provide a detailed writen Ba Zi analysis sent by e-mail in pdf file. Please contact me for a quote.



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